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VW Car Covers

We've got you covered.

Volkswagen Car Covers can help keep your Volkswagen exterior looking like new with three levels of protection and customization for all Volkswagen models: Triguard™, Satin Stretch™, and Stormproof™. Which custom car cover is right for you? Have a look.

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The ideal choice for occasional use.
Best suited for light weather conditions. Three-layer material construction: Inner meltdown layer for protection, outer spunbound layers for strength and durability, and UV ray protected with the finest agents.

Satin Stretch™

Indoor protection of the highest quality.
This custom cover has a luxurious satin look and feel and is made of the highest-quality polyester, lycra, and spandex. The fabric fibers stretch—revealing every curve. Ten different cover colors to choose from, plus 15 colored threading options.


The ultimate indoor and outdoor cover.
Made from high-quality, high-density microfiber, this VW car cover provides superior vehicle protection. The fabric is inherently water resistant. Plus, each cover is totally customizable—mix or match 7 available colors!

Why VW Car Covers?

Each one is tailored to fit every VW vehicle perfectly—including those with GPS antennas, rear spoilers, and more. Custom car covers can help save money on detailing, maintain your resale value, and help preserve your car’s appearance—even in the elements.