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Volkswagen Care Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Plans.

It’s time to put your maintenance plan on cruise control. And if you own a Volkswagen vehicle that’s a model year 2014 or newer, that can be easy. Because with the Volkswagen Care Program,1 you have a variety of prepaid scheduled maintenance plans designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from fixed parts-and-labor costs on manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance.2 Have a look—these plans help protect your New Vehicle Limited Warranty and can help protect the future resale value of your vehicle by keeping it properly maintained at your local Volkswagen dealer.

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Scheduled Maintenance Plan Benefits

Volkswagen Care plans1 are designed to offer peace of mind over time. These prepaid scheduled maintenance plans cover a range of manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance intervals.

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1Limitations apply. Model year 2014 and newer Volkswagen vehicles (except for Routan) are eligible for a Volkswagen Care plan. Packages vary based on model and model year. Plan can only be purchased prior to the first scheduled maintenance interval provided by the plan. See dealer for model, mileage, and in-service date eligibility and complete plan details.

2See the USA Warranty & Maintenance booklet for details regarding scheduled maintenance intervals. All scheduled maintenance services must be completed by a participating Volkswagen dealer in order to qualify under this program.