Car Care

A little love goes a long way.

Daily commutes. Road trips. Even the occasional dash to the gym. You and your Volkswagen are conquering the road one mile at a time. And we’re right by your side to make sure your car stays in good shape. Explore the links above for helpful tips on how to take care of your car—anything from keeping it clean to keeping up with technology.

Digital Tools.

Volkswagen wants every owner to get the most out of their vehicle. Services like SiriusXM satellite radio can turn your car into a news center, sports arena, or concert hall with over 175 channels. Need a little direction? Updating the GPS maps for your Volkswagen navigation system has never been easier.

Driving Tips.

Extreme temperatures and inclement weather can really affect driving conditions and your overall vehicle performance. Make sure you’re ready to roll with these seasonal driving tips. Or, if you’re looking to save at the pump, Volkswagen can help with the following fuel-efficiency advice.

Warranty Info.

Genuine Volkswagen Parts and VW Accessories were designed and engineered to fit and perform according to Volkswagen standards. For added peace of mind, these quality products are also covered by Volkswagen Warranties. Always take your car to a VW Dealer to help maintain warranties and address recalls or open campaigns.

Interior/Exterior Care.

They say beauty is only skin deep, but when it comes to maintaining your car’s good looks, Volkswagen owners’ affections run much deeper. From plastic parts and instrument panels to upholstery and leather, give your VW the interior care it deserves. Exterior care for rims, tires, and paint is just as important. Get covered inside out.

Knowing Your VW

Want to know more about your car’s tech features? Have a question on how to pair your smartphone? Simply enter your model’s information below for a series of instructional how-to videos.