Safety first. And last.

We have the right people, the right parts, the right tools, and the know-how to get the job done right and to Volkswagen standards. So when you select Genuine Volkswagen Parts, you’ll want to make sure you find the right collision repair shop—and the right experts—to install them.

Find a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility.

The right choice.

Taking your car to a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility (CCRF) helps ensure:

  • Trained employees, certified in Volkswagen collision repair, perform the work on your vehicle
  • All services will follow strict, mandated repair procedures per Volkswagen standards
  • Wherever feasible, the facility will use Genuine Volkswagen Parts
  • Employees have access to exclusive Volkswagen technical tools and repair information
  • All vehicle warranties will be maintained

We're here to help.

Here’s some advice on choosing a collision repair shop:

  • Check with your Consultant at your Volkswagen dealer to see if they recommend a particular Volkswagen CCRF—some dealerships actually have on-site collision repair facilities
  • Ask friends or family members who drive a VW for a recommendation
  • When talking with a CCRF or other repair shop, ask about training, certifications, and qualifications
  • Ask the shop if they use Genuine Volkswagen Parts, and whether they participate in Volkswagen programs that help save money on those parts
  • Listen to your gut, and make sure you feel comfortable working with the shop before making a commitment

Remember, not even your insurance company can insist that you use a specific shop, so don’t commit to any facility until you’re comfortable they’re the right folks to get the job done. What’s the best way to get that peace of mind? Insist on having your car repaired at a Volkswagen Certified Repair Facility with Genuine Volkswagen Parts.

If you were in an accident, call for Volkswagen Roadside Assistance toll free at 800-411-6688 for NO-CHARGE towing of Volkswagen vehicles under the new or certified pre-owned vehicle warranty to the facility closest to you.

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