The right parts can make your Volkswagen whole.

Understanding what types of parts are being used is key to helping you get the best possible repair work.

Find a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility.

First, the good news.

Volkswagen knows what’s best for your car. It’s our recommendation that your repair shop use only Genuine Volkswagen Parts. They’re identical to the Volkswagen factory originals—precision-engineered, and quality tested. Why settle for anything less?

Now, the tricky stuff.

If you see any of these terms on an estimate, tell the repair shop these parts aren’t acceptable for your Volkswagen:

  • Aftermarket or Automotive Replacement Parts
  • Competitive Parts
  • Copy Parts
  • Like Kind and Quality (LKQ) Parts
  • New Aftermarket Parts
  • Quality Replacement Parts
  • Reconditioned or Recon Parts
  • Recycled Parts
  • Salvage Parts

And while you won’t see these terms on an estimate, there’s always the possibility a repair shop could end up with counterfeit or “black market” parts and not even know it. They’re a public safety issue because they’re manufactured illegally, not subject to regulation, and haven’t been tested. They’re also a homeland security concern because their source is hard to trace.

But back to the good parts.

There’s a really easy way to help protect yourself, your vehicle, your warranty, and your peace of mind. Talk your car to a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility, insist on Genuine Volkswagen Parts and keep your Volkswagen 100% Volkswagen.

Call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance toll free at 800-411-6688 for NO-CHARGE towing of Volkswagen vehicles under the new or certified pre-owned vehicle warranty to a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility near you.

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