Before you worry about the bill, make sure you know your rights.

Being aware of your rights—with your insurance company and with your repair facility—provides peace of mind, and can help protect you and your vehicle during the collision repair process.

Find a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility.

Educate yourself.

No one wants to think about a collision, but it helps to educate yourself in advance:

  • Does your current policy include coverage for new OEM parts like Genuine Volkswagen Parts?
  • Can you add an OEM parts rider to your current policy?
  • Does your insurer offer another policy that covers OEM parts in case of a collision?
  • Remember that insurance coverage varies by provider and by state, so if your provider doesn’t offer coverage for Genuine Volkswagen Parts, shop around and see if you can find one that does

Dealing with insurance.

When dealing with your insurance company after a collision:

  • Know that you’re allowed to take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice—Volkswagen makes the decision easier with a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility (CCRF) near you
  • You’re in control, so don’t let your insurance company dictate the entire claim process—you have the right to complete your own research and get estimates before you start any repairs
  • Insurance companies often recommend drivers use one of their preferred repair facilities—but they also let you take your vehicle to the facility of your choice, like a Volkswagen CCRF, where repairs are made according to Volkswagen standards and specifications
  • Some insurance companies offer riders so you don’t pay out of pocket for using specifically made for your Volkswagen

Know your rights.

Before you commit to repairs:

  • You don’t have to release your Volkswagen from a tow yard (if that’s where it is) until you’ve decided on a repair facility
  • When you get a repair estimate, the repair facility is required to tell you which parts will be replaced and which type of parts they will use to replace them
  • You have the right to insist on using Genuine Volkswagen Parts
  • You have to consent in writing before any repairs can be performed—including agreeing to which parts will be used—so don’t sign anything until you read and are comfortable with it
  • If any part of your estimate is unclear, ask questions until you understand—don’t let anyone rush you, as you should know what to expect with your repairs and service
  • If you experience any issues with a repair, you have the right to take your Volkswagen back to the shop and have the work corrected
  • Remember that laws can vary state by state, so visit your state’s website to get specific information.

Call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance toll free at 800-411-6688 for NO-CHARGE towing of Volkswagen vehicles under the new or certified pre-owned vehicle warranty to a Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility near you.

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