Car Care

Exterior Care

Keep it shiny and like new.

A clean car says a lot about its owner. But beyond first impressions, regular care of your vehicle’s exterior can help increase its longevity and value. So take a second to think about what you want to see—and take good care of your Volkswagen.

Tip: For a thorough cleaning of your car’s headlights, try 3M Headlight Restoration System or Lens Renewal Kit, available at your local VW dealership.


Remove any leaves and other debris that may have accumulated underneath your wipers and under your hood. Walk around your car to check for any chips or scratches in the paint—pay special attention to the bottom and front of your car. 

Tip: Even the smallest chip could become a rust spot if it’s not properly taken care of. Visit your Service Consultant at your local VW dealership for more information.

Rims & Wheels

Use a wheel brush to remove dirt with a gentle cleanser. Wash each wheel and tire one at a time and rinse thoroughly. Most car enthusiasts wash their rims and wheels before they start on the rest of the car. This way, any dirt that splashes onto the body of the car will be rinsed off in the main wash.

Paint Care & Preservation

Wash your car regularly—at least once or twice a month—to clean off things like bugs, bird droppings, or salt. If not washed off in time, any of these things can leave permanent stains.

Rinse your car thoroughly to remove any loose dirt. Then start at the top with a microfiber or soft cloth and a gentle car cleaner. Rinse your car frequently, especially in hot weather. And don’t forget to dry it completely to avoid water spots.

Additional protection like waxing is advisable at the latest when water no longer pearls off the clean paint. Try 3M Quick Wax, available at your local VW dealership, for in-between touch-ups. We recommend applying our hard wax preservation twice a year, even if you regularly use a conventional wax preserver in an automatic car wash.

To help prevent paint from being damaged:

  • Do not treat matte-painted parts or plastic parts with polish or hard wax
  • Do not polish the vehicle paintwork in a sandy or dusty environment

This video shows you the proper materials and techniques to wash, wax and keep your vehicle looking showroom-new.

How to Wash and Wax a Car
Official VW Service and Parts Videos


Clean windows—inside and outside—are very important to safe driving. Anything that’s stuck on your windshield can severely obstruct your vision, especially in combination with glaring sunlight during the day or headlights at night. 

Wash off any bug remains, bird droppings, mud, dirt, salt, and even water spots, to make sure you see what’s in front, at your sides, and behind you. We suggest 3M Glass Cleaner, available at your dealer. And don’t forget to periodically check that you have sufficient windshield wiper fluid. 

For more information on exterior care and to purchase high-quality car care products from 3M, please visit your local VW dealership.

Knowing Your VW

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