Car Care

Interior Care

Beautiful from the inside out.

Most motorists spend a lot more time cleaning the exterior of their cars than the interior. However, if you prefer your car’s beauty to be more than just skin-deep, here are a few tips to help you keep its interior clean and in great shape.


Clear your car of any leaves and litter that may have accumulated on the floor. Shake out the floor mats and vacuum the floor and seats. You’ll be amazed what a difference this quick cleaning will make.


Clean, streak-free windows are not only nice to look at, they’re important for safe driving, too. Improve your visibility by regularly cleaning your windows with glass cleaner and a paper or microfiber towel. We suggest 3M Glass Cleaner, available at your local VW dealership.
Tip: Spray glass cleaner onto the towel while you’re on the outside of your car so it doesn’t damage the plastic, fabric, or leather.

Plastic Parts & Instrument Panel

Moisten a clean, lint-free cloth with water and clean the plastic parts and instrument panel. If that is not enough, use a special solvent-free plastics cleaner and care agent like 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer, available at your local VW dealership.

Careful! It’s important to never clean the instrument panel or the surfaces of the airbag modules with cockpit sprays or cleaners that contain solvents. Cleaning agents that contain solvents could cause the surfaces to become porous and could cause damage. Should the airbag deploy, plastic parts could fly loose and cause serious injuries.

Upholstery & Fabric

Wipe up any dirt or spills immediately with a slightly moist cotton or woolen cloth.

Vacuum lightly with an upholstery attachment and be sure to clear folds and seams of dust and dirt. The best way to clean spots off upholstery and the fabric lining on doors and headliners, etc., is to use special cleaning agents or dry foam and a soft brush.

Seat covers—available at your local VW dealership—provide excellent protection against spills and messes. This video shows how they can keep your upholstery looking like new.


Wipe up any dirt or spills immediately with a slightly moist cotton or woolen cloth.

Vacuum lightly with a soft dust brush attachment. Pay special attention to dust and dirt in pores, folds, and seams, as they can scrub the material and damage leather surfaces. 

Proper leather care can help prevent fading due to sunlight and can help keep leather supple and unblemished. Please use caution during care. Treat the leather at least every six months. Apply a special leather care agent sparingly. Wipe it down afterwards with a soft cloth. We suggest leather care agents like 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer, available at your Volkswagen dealer.

Heavily contaminated areas should be cleaned with a cloth and a mild soap solution (two teaspoons of neutral soap to about one quart of water). Make sure that no part of the leather gets completely soaked and that no water is able to ingress the stitching. Wipe it down afterwards with a soft, dry cloth.

For more information on interior care and to purchase high-quality car care products from 3M, please visit your local VW dealership.

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