Air Filter Replacement

A clean engine is a long-lasting engine.

Think of your Volkswagen engine’s air filter as a shield that helps keep out dust and other particles, and you can easily see why it’s important to have a clean, high-quality, perfectly fitting air filter in place at all times. That’s because any dust particles that get through can generate abrasion, in a similar way to a sand blaster, and can badly damage inlet valves, piston rings, cylinder walls, and main bearings. 

Genuine Volkswagen Air Filters:

  • Filter out even the tiniest dirt particles down to 10 microns.
  • Are specifically matched to the needs of each individual type of engine.
  • Comply with the stringent requirements of DIN standards (e.g. combustion behavior).
  • Are exactly matched to the relevant filter housing for an optimum seal.
  • Can help save you money by helping ensure optimum fuel consumption and a longer life of your engine. 

Check your air filter if you notice your engine is not running smooth, including uneven running and increased idling speeds. Refer to your owner’s manual to see when air filter replacement is needed on your VW.