Pollen Filter Replacement


Here's a breath of fresh air.

Between spring weather, summer holidays, and all the driving that comes with this time of year, the road ahead is sure to hold exciting adventures. So why let something like poor air quality slow you down? If you’re susceptible to pollen and other seasonal airborne allergies, consider a Volkswagen Pollen Filter replacement to help keep dust, pollen, dirt, and debris from your interior cabin. Those pollutants can cause fogged windows, odors, bacteria buildup, and even accidents, as a single sneeze can result in a few moments of “blind” driving.

Genuine Volkswagen Pollen Filters:

  • Are engineered to filter out 99% of particles down to 0.5 microns
  • Help ensure fresher air within the cabin, regardless of season or geographic location
  • Help protect your vehicle’s air conditioning unit
  • Help you keep your eyes on the road—and see it more clearly through your windshield

Check your interior cabin’s pollen and air filters if you notice odd odors or particularly unclean windshield or windows. Refer to your VW Online Owner’s Manual to see if your VW requires a pollen filter replacement this spring or summer.

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