Battery Replacement

Crank it up all year long.

Unlike any other battery on the market, Genuine Volkswagen Batteries meet the stringent requirements of your VW. A Volkswagen battery is engineered to provide more reserve capacity (or amp hours) to satisfy the electronic demands of today’s European-engineered cars. In addition to coming in a full range of power ratings, each battery is competitively priced and backed by a limited warranty.*  

Extreme temperatures are tough on batteries. Have your technician check the condition of your battery before those hot and cold months. If your battery requires replacement, you’ll be glad you did. Learn more about which battery is best for your Volkswagen when you view your VW Online Owner’s Manual.

Summer isn’t fun for batteries.

Did you know there’s water in your battery?

  • Extreme heat can make it evaporate more quickly. When the water level gets too low, heat can destroy your battery cells. If this happens, your battery will require replacement.
  • Heat can affect how long it takes a battery to recharge.
  • High temperatures can make your battery work harder, shortening its life.
  • Extreme heat can drain your battery faster—especially if you run a lot of electronics, like a DVD player.
  • Summer heat causes metal to expand, which can loosen your battery connections.

* See your dealer for details.