Genuine Volkswagen Service:
Anything but ordinary.


No one knows how to take care of your Volkswagen better than the experts at your dealership. We have the right know-how, the right tools, and the right parts to service your car correctly. Plus, visits to your Volkswagen Certified Technicians for spring and summer maintenance can help ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle, especially during these travel-heavy months. Take some time to explore the Genuine VW Services listed above. Or consult your VW Online Owner’s Manual for additional info on model-specific maintenance.

Oil Changes

Not all synthetic oils are the same. But you can help make sure your vehicle gets the high-quality synthetic oil it deserves for all your spring and summer travels by scheduling an oil changes with the pros at your Volkswagen dealership.

Tire Replacement

Between spring weather, summer vacations, and everything in between, now’s the time to help make sure the tires on your Volkswagen are ready for the road ahead. Visit your local Volkswagen dealership for tread inspection, tire balancing, and more.

Wiper Replacement

Wiper blades should be checked every 10,000 miles, especially if you’re heading into a rainy spring season or a road trip. If it’s time to replace your wipers, your authorized Volkswagen Service Center has the right selection for your vehicle.

Air Filter Replacement

Spring pollen and summertime pollutants aren’t just bad for your interior cabin—they can wreak havoc on your engine too. Play it smart and visit your VW dealership for a Genuine Volkswagen air filter replacements today.

Brake Service

Stopping power is critical. That’s why you should trust your Volkswagen service experts for your next brake inspection or repair—they’ll help make sure the job is done right so you can have full confidence in your brakes this spring and summer.

Battery Replacement

If you’re having seasonal maintenance performed on your car, start with a battery inspection and help make sure yours is ready for spring and summer. And if you need a replacement, Genuine VW Batteries are competitively priced and backed by a limited battery warranty.

Pollen Filter Replacement

Along with longer days and warmer weather, spring and summer can also bring plenty of pollen, dust, and debris—help clear the air in your VW and protect its air conditioning unit with a pollen filter replacement at your authorized Volkswagen Service Center.

Multi-Point Inspection

When giving your car seasonal maintenance, you don’t want to miss a thing—so schedule a free multi-point inspection at your Volkswagen dealership. Our VW Certified Techs can help make sure your vehicle is ready for spring and summer.